In the second decade of the 21st century, technological advancements beg the question: How do we inhabit technology and how do we orient ourselves to our constantly evolving multifaceted epistemology? As we carry our digital world everywhere we risk the very real possibility of technological displacement of self. My research situates itself in the context of Donna Haraway and Walter Benjamin as they examine the cyborg and technological reproduction. I investigate the form of the cyborg both foreign (the inner space, consciousness, the unknown) and external (individuality, and the illusion we decipher outside of us). With these elements, I wonder, do these electrical meat bodies have a larger purpose than laboring and being standardized and does the physical world, a malfunctioning simulation have direction? 


My work is processed through sculpture and installation. I am driven by the structure of human anatomy and brain, which can conjure new forms into being through contemporary technological advances while at the same time rivaling its creation. The installation Phase 2 can be seen as a lab for dissection and taking apart in order to develop understanding of the cyborg. Through natural and technological hybrids I seek the fusion of the unknown and machine, mapping a system of a self-understanding mechanism. I am sketching an evolving animation of cyborg nature, generating an anthropomorphic impulse from the array of pieces and parts. Compiling the data from the space through feedback loops, the viewer processes an algorithm of cyborg nature, a sense of their origin. 

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